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  • Mark Algar

Case Study: Community Services Transformation


60sticks were hired to support and ensure the design and implementation of transformational change within an NHS Trust’s Community Services Care Group to align with NHS LTP and local ICB strategies, and become the provider of choice, addressing increasing levels of patient need and complexity against a backdrop of high vacancies, low staff morale and cost improvements.


Transforming service delivery through:

  • Restructuring the Leadership Team to enable strategic direction and operational management of each portfolio supporting transformation and operational effectiveness.

  • Introducing new functions and roles

  • Integrating/improving pathways and functions to reduce duplication and improve patient experience e.g. through IT

  • Identify, understand, and incorporate national best practice and guidelines into quality structures

  • Workforce development plans to ensure a sustainable future of a high quality care

  • Support and develop professional and advancing practice to enable the delivery of safe and effective person-centred clinical care.


  • Demonstrable efficiencies created

  • Improved processes for staff, patients, and stakeholders

  • Left shift of activity e.g. through patient self-management

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