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Project History

These are our most recent projects covering bid management, (this calendar year (2023) has seen a 100% success rate) and transformation. The projects were varied by their technical nature, complexity, and the need for transformational change from the current provision. 

NHS Care Trust

Community Service Transformation Program - ongoing.

Understanding,  designing and delivering a complex change program to retain and recruit staff, create efficiency and achieve sustainable delivery with measurable outcomes in a context of changing financial circumstances, program infrastructure and IT constraints.

GP Provider  (Yorkshire)

APMS contract for GP services - £2 million. Successful

GP Provider (London)

APMS contracts (x2)- £7.7 million. Awaiting outcome

NHS Community Trust

  • Diabetic Eye Screening - £20.9 million. Successful

  • Child Health Information Services (London) – £10.5 million. Awaiting outcome

  • Child Health Information Service (home counties) - £37.9 million. Successful

Healthcare Alliance

Community Services - £4.4 million.Successful

Dermatology (adult & paediatric) Cardiology & diagnostics (adult), Ear Micro-suction (adult), Gynaecology (adult) and Minor Surgery & vasectomy triage

GP Federation

Healthy Lifestyles Contract (Weight loss and smoking cessation) - £1.8 million. Successful

Children’s NHS Trust

  • School Aged Immunisation Service - £4.7 million. Successful

  • Charitable Nursing Post Application - successful


Community Interest Company

Integrated Sexual Health Services - £43 million. Highest quality and finance score, but unsuccessful due to social value.

GP Provider (London)

APMS contract - £13.5 million. Successful

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