Since our inception, 60sticks' primary focus is to demystify public procurement for our clients with great success.

60Sticks boasts an excellent track record of delivering multi-million pound projects for our clients. In the thirteen years operating we have delivered consistent growth clients. Our specialist knowledge of various markets combined with commercial acumen enable our clients to deliver compliant procurement or win multi-million pound contracts.

We understand in detail complex procurement regulations and can simplify these processes to provide focus and expertise where it is needed.

Our Team
Mark Algar
Owner / Director
Dr Gaynor Radley
Clinical Associate
Lisa Algar
Commercial Director

60Sticks Procurement Expert with a background in complex health care services. Mark has led multi-million pound commissioning and tender response projects designing operational and service solutions.

60Sticks Healthcare Expert with a medical background in primary care, Gaynor has led OJEU procurements during her time in the NHS from both sides.  Responsible for buying multi-million pound services for the NHS, as well as responding to complex bids to sell services, she can add valuable clinical expertise to your tender process. 

60Sticks Commercial Expert with a strong sales background in both public and private sector environments, Lisa is skilled and practised in the OJEU tender process.  She has the experience of leading sales and bid teams, formulating clear win strategies resulting in significant contract wins